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Lou Markakis / Producer / Host / North Shore 100

Lou brings a wealth of experience in communications, politics, and the media. Selected as Emerson Colleges  Harry Truman Scholarship nominee.   Lou has spent the last twenty years showcasing talent, interviewing celebrities, and producing quality programming.  In 2007 Lou created and launched North Shore 100 a program designed to bring viewers the 100 most interesting personalities, families, and events that are helping shape our lives



Ken Kinna / Producer / Director / Editor / Photographer

Ken has worked in film and TV in Boston for about 10 years working mainly as an independent filmmaker, producer,  director, editor, camera man, film festival creator and photographer.  He has been included in a number of film festivals, won a few TV Telly awards, and been recognized by local originations for his supportive work. He is currently working on an international documentary and with a local film production. He has experience with local TV stations including BNN, Brookline, and all stations of the North of Boston area. He was the Executive Director at LynnCAM TV station, Lynn MA, from 2006 to 2010.  He graduated from RIT in Imaging Science. Currently Ken runs his own media production company in the South End of Boston, B-Roll Films, Inc.


Jordan Avery / Production Assisstant / Camera / Coordination 

Young in years but well versed in productions Jordan brings a unique style and personality to the set,studio,or on location. His charming and re-assuring persona helps guests feel right at home. Coupled with a knack for "getting the right shot" he has a great work ethic and a seriousness of purpose that exudes confidence to successfully complete whatever mission is assigned. Whether covering a state or national convention to "live on air assignments" no task is too much for the young aspiring team-player. Along with his production experience Jordan is an integral part of the Executive Protection team within the "Production with Protection" division.     


Angela Christoforos  / Suffolk University / Channel 7

Angela C a 21-year-old aspiring TV personality and student of Suffolk University when she joined our team. She has interned in the Newsroom at NECN, in the Special Projects Unit at WHDH Channel 7, and currently works as a Production Assistant at WHDH Channel 7. In addition, Angela also writes articles for the Suffolk Journal, Dirty Water News, and her own blog.



Demetrios Kritikos  / Production Assissant / Camera / Distribution

Demi aka Jimmy has been actively involved with television and the arts for more than 10 years. An avid sponsor,volunteer,and collaborator Dimi has evolved from cameraman, audio technician, studio production assistant,and other paid and volunteer assignments to Associate Producer. His "team-player approach" has earned him accolades from his peers,and an on-going request for his presence with productions. Thoroughly versed in the legality and production of local access television Dimi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to North Shore 100 and's team.

BostonNorth.TV creates local video content for Boston and the North Shore area. We love "local stories with national interest." We target the Web and local TV  penetrating , several markets. If you have a product, service, or company that is looking to "reach media markets " with message development, packaging and outreach BostonNorth can assist.  A separate division focusses on finding and developing talent thru proper Management, Speech Critique and  improving presentational skills. 

1. TV Web Media Production - Studio and "on location" digital film and TV production. Sponsor your business story or you can sponsor stories about the local community with your underwriting. We do short and long format production.


Currently we are looking for general underwriters for regular shows featuring the best of the North Shore ! This is a great way to support your community while reminding people about your business.


2. Talent Management Support - We often create "Hosting and/ or Co-Hosting spots for new talent. Photography, Video, and talent management. 


3. Event Coorination and Executive Protection - We are also hired to escort talent to event locations and support event security and/or logistics.  






Lou Markakis (far left), who has secured the rights to the Tony Conigliaro movie, pictured with producing partner Jay Giannone, Conigliaro family friend Mickey Casoli, and Ken Kinna, owner of B Roll Films.

Local producer Lou Markakis has secured the rights” for the Tony Conigliaro movie.

Markakis, a Lynn English and Emerson College graduate, is working with the Conigliaro family “to bring to the big screen” the story of one of the North Shore’s all-time great athletes, former Boston Red Sox star Tony Conigliaro, who is a graduate of St. Mary’s High School.

Conigliaro, who played for the Red Sox and holds the record for the youngest American League player to hit 100 home runs, was tragically struck down by Jack Hamilton’s fastball on August 18, 1967, fifty years ago this year. Conig, as many called him, returned to baseball for the 1969 season and later attempted a second comeback in the 1975 season before his retirement.

Markakis, who has toyed with the idea for several years, financially secured the rights and has brought in his longtime friend and actor, writer and producer Jay Giannone as his “producing partner” for the film project.

Giannone, who is tasked with developing the screenplay, has a list of credits that include roles in “The Departed”, “Gone Baby Gone”, “Patriots Day”, American Hustle (filmed in part in Lynn) and TV credits most recently Rosewood (Fox) and Scorpion (CBS).

He won “Best Director” at the Los Angeles Film Festival and then at the Boston International Film Festival for his movie, “It Snows All The Time,” a feature film about a Dad suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

“I believe in this project and how much I feel that Tony C. is a hero and an Italian-American hero,” said Giannone. “I have a strong Italian heritage. My family grew up in the North End and my mother’s grandfather came over from Palermo, Sicily. This is an Italian-American story and it’s an honor for me to be able to be a part of this project.

Locally Markakis created, produced, and host the popular North Shore 100 television show that aired locally for eight years and became Boston North TV.

Conigliaro graduated from St. Mary’s High School in Lynn where he was a star athlete. The school gymnasium is named in his honor.

Markakis said the production team will be scouting locations for the movie in Lynn, including St. Mary’s High School and Fraser Field.

“We’re excited to begin this project and make this inspirational story of Tony Conigiliaro’s life in to a movie,” said Markakis.

Richie Conigliaro, speaking on behalf of the Conigliaro family, said he was excited that the project is moving forward.

“It’s great. We’ve been working on it for almost 30 years and finally I think we’ve put the right people together. My brother Billy and I have signed a contract and we think it’s going to be done. We didn’t want to do it unless it was done right. We’re really excited. I think it’s a really inspirational story.”

Richard Conigliaro said he was 12 years old in 1964 when his brother, Tony C., hit a home run in his first at-bat at Fenway Park.

“They had just introduced him to go to bat and he got a standing ovation,” recalled Richie. “Before they could sit down, the first pitch was thrown and Tony hit it over the screen so they never sat down – they kept cheering.”

Once the screenplay is complete, the producing team will be attaching actors to the various roles under the direction of Giannone.

Said Markakis, “At that time, it’s all about connecting the dots and putting it in front of the right people. Stay tuned.”



Lou Markakis's Overview

  • Executive Producer/Host at and North Shore "100"
  • Real Estate Consultant & Government Relations at Self
  • Associate Producer at Grecian Melodies TV Show
  • Emerson College
  • The American University-Washington D.C.

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Lou Markakis' Experience

Executive Producer/Host and North Shore "100"


2008 – Present (4 years) Boston's North Shore

Originally created to feature the 100 most interesting personalities,families, and events shaping lives on Boston's North Shore this "labor of love" has EVOLVED into a Marketing tool for companies,products, and services looking to reach "new markets" in a cost effective way. In it's 4th season with 60+shows the program/show has expanded to a potential marketplace of upwards of 800,000 potential viewers in 40 markets. Coupled with national and international distribution via PegMedia, Vimeo & YouTube, North Shore 100 and has expanded into 3 segments. 1. Production, 2. Executive Protection,Logistics& Event Planning and 3. Theatrical Booking Agency.

Real Estate Consultant & Government Relations



1976 – 2011 (35 years)

Associate Producer

Grecian Melodies TV Show


1992 – 2000 (8 years)

Produced programming for local access markets featuring Greek Americans who had an impact in the communities we served. Receiving international news from Athens, edited clips relevant to each market and interviewed "in studio" guests.. Distributed to 64 local access markets throughout Massachusetts, this long running show was a popular mainstay to local networks for its relevant & timely content.

Lou Markakis' Education

Emerson College

Bachelor of ScienceCommunications-Political Communication

1984 – 1987


The American University-Washington D.C.

The Wasington Semester ProgramEconomic Policy

1986 – 1986